About us

KaAn's (can(s)) Designs:

A brand developed by a Mrs.(Ashley), with some help from her Mr.(Kenny), and inspired by the daily adventures of their two little boys Aiden and Noah. 

In addition to creating pieces that offer functionality and style, it is our goal to create tees that make a statement, and those that have sort of a nostalgic feel. You know for the 90's kid, turned millennial parent?!  When you dress your kids in KaAn's Designs, I hope that you do so with purpose.  When choosing one of our designs, I want to remind you of your own childhood.  Because honestly parenthood changes a lot, but there is nothing like a smile from a throwback that has a whole new meaning now that we are on the other side!   

So embrace your "REmix" and cheers to all of those "Did I do that" moments! 



 All shirts hand printed, right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

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